This is the website of the national association of bank + insurance customers.

Apologies that normal service has been suspended for a short while - we're updating the site content and will be back as soon as possible.

Contact Us

Feel free to email webmaster (at) with any queries or requests. 

Beware that we're NOT professional advisers,  or funded to help someone facing a court hearing in a few days.  We will reply,  but it may not be quick and we can't wave a magic wand to fix all problems.  You have to be prepared to fight your own corner.  And always
the best advice is: "if in any doubt, get professional advice."

If you do email,  please include a summary of your situation - just the facts,  and not more that an A4 page in your favourite word processor.

If you're a journalist and don't have any other contact details,  please email,  or call

02921 25 1947

We'll be happy to provide other contact details once you're in touch.